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Privacy Policy

MASUKI Co.Ltd. (MASUKI) first concern is to respect our customer’s trust, to keep their personal information accurate and updated. In order to prevent unauthorized access, loss, damage, alteration, disclosure of the personal information, the maintenance and management of the security system and thorough as necessary measures of employee training will be proceed with high accuracy, to keep a level of strictness in the personal information management.

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1.Purpose of use of personal information

MASUKI use the personal information for send e-mail, FAX, documents as the answer of question from clients, our business information.

2. Shared Use of Personal Information

According to the objective in point 1, within the required range, there can be cases of joint use of your personal information with MASUKI affiliated companies.

3. For consignment of personal information

According to the objective in point 1, within the required range, MASUKI reserves the right of the processing of personal information by delegating to third parties. In this case, MASUKI selected the subcontractors. Subcontractors are instructed to follow the dictates of the provisions relating to the management and security of personal information handled by third parties, and to carry out the necessary and appropriate supervisions.

4. Prohibition of disclosure and provide to the personal data to third parties

MASUKI, with the exception of the above-mentioned points (2 – 3), without the advanced consent of the person in question, will not disclose or provide personal information to third parties.
However if the disclose or providing of personal information has been performed in accordance with laws and regulations, or, for example, it is allowed to disclose or provide your personal information by law, or, in general, it is present any legitimate reason for releasing personal information, this statement (point 4) does not apply.

5. personal information safety measures

MASUKI, for the accuracy and safety of personal information, has been taken all possible security measures.

6. inquiry of the person in question

If you are going to wish to query MASUKI about modifying or deleting personal data, after confirming your identity, MASUKI will provide to make the requested changes.

7. compliance and review of laws and regulations

MASUKI following Japanese law and regulations that apply to dealing with personal information, as well as compliance with other norms, will review the contents of this policy and will strive to its improvement when needed or requested.